Pledge of Excellence

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By Alisha Razin

A pledge is a promise. It is a contract and a commitment. Recently, Invicxus successfully held their Pledge of Excellence for the upcoming SPM examinations. This event was organised by Muhammad Azeem and Dayangku Nur Nazihah as the Project Managers. Even though our parents were miles away, their presence was felt closely as we managed to stream the event live on the Invicxus Youtube channel.

Personally, I was emotional during the ceremony knowing that this would be one of the last major events before we depart from this school. It was good to know that this feeling was mutual between our teachers and juniors. It was truly heartwarming listening to speeches from the representatives of other batches who left good affirmations and well wishes. Their words gave us more faith in ourselves to get through the final checkpoint of our high school journey.

There were a few words of wisdom left by the parent representative, Dr Mohammad Razin that will forever be engraved in my mind:


As the days are slowly approaching the 2nd of March, the members of Invicxus have been working tirelessly day and night. I know some of us haven’t been able to get enough sleep because of that but sleeping and having good rest are key factors in ensuring that all the information in your brain is retained. So, make sure you get 8 hours of sleep!

2. Respect

Respect yourself, your parents, teachers, peers and even your enemies. Treat people the way you want to be treated. By giving respect, good relationships can be maintained with the people around you and feeling respected will allow you to build trust.

3. Humility

I believe that each and every member of Invicxus are quick-witted and intelligent. Although we are all aiming for the sky, always remember to keep your feet on the ground. Being humble and having humility will constantly remind you that everyone has flaws and there’s no such thing as being perfect. Once we understand the concept of humility, we learn to value our imperfections and work on improving them.

All in all, this event was truly a wake-up call for us to brave the challenges and channel our focus on the big day. It is crucial for Invicxus to keep the fire burning within their spirits in the days leading up to the inevitable; SPM. We have one goal in mind: INVICXUS NO. 1 IN MALAYSIA SPM 2021. We, members of Invicxus, promise to uphold our pledge of achieving excellent results in our upcoming SPM examinations. Good luck Class of 2021! Godspeed. 

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