STAR-CONFEX: Expectations to Virtuality

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By Nur Ariana Iman

From the 28th to 31st of March 2022, 24 KYS students took part with Mr Mohd Faizal, Miss Mira Nabila and Muhammad Wafiyuddin as our mentors in the 5th Edition of STAR CONFEX held by Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman. With 11 participating schools, a plethora of events was held as part of the competition, including You-Lead, E-Explorace, I-Coding, Music and Arts, and Gamified. 


You-Lead is a virtual conference where participants gather to showcase their solutions and ideas about four global issues; education, youth development, biodiversity, and mental health. For this event, KYS sent one team comprising:

  1. Omar bin Idi Fazlul
  2. Harith Amsyar bin Anuar
  3. Nur Amna Syafiqah binti Supri
  4. Nurul Iffah binti Mastor

On the other hand, E-Explorace recreates the classic “explorace” experience using Minecraft, a game known by many. According to the theme of “Saving the Earth”, participants had to explore a map replicating the campus of Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman itself while completing challenges. Three of our students competed, namely:

  1. Nur Ariana Iman Binti Mohd Farid
  2. Muhammad Alif Shawqi bin Mohd Nizam
  3. Angelina Jane Martinus

I-Coding is a programming and innovative challenge to develop students’ critical thinking in drone and robotics with three sub-categories. E-Pilot, line follower and Digital Innovative Robotic Competition.

E-Pilot is where students were to program the movement of a drone along an obstacle course. The students involved were:

  1. Ahmad Akif Sulaiman bin Ahmad Shahril
  2. Athena Siow

Other than that, we sent a team to compete in the Digital Innovative Robotic Competition (DRIC). Students had to come up with an innovation that can help us with our daily life doing simple things, or one that can help in extensive fields such as medicine or the environment. The team comprised:

  1. Muhammad Iman Hannan bin Hasrin
  2. Anas Ismail bin Nizam
  3. Shafeeq Zaim bin Samsulnazri

Last but not least, in I-Coding, is Line Follower. Each team must solve a maze and pass through obstacles set by the organizers using Mbot. The KYS team comprised:

  1. Wahyudynni binti Fakhrul Anwar
  2. Balqis Batrisya binti Roslan
  3. Sri Natchatra A/P Ananda
Music and Arts

Music and Arts is an event where students could showcase their abilities in music and arts. Participants were to create an animated video and compose a soundtrack to accompany it, in line with the theme of “youth development” for this year’s edition of the contest. Students involved were:

  1. Nik Erina Aislinn Fathi binti Nik Hasbi Fathi
  2. Zaim Arif bin Md Hamdi
  3. Haderah binti Izddy
  4. Amar Shah Ghazalee bin Mohd Rahmat Nugerah Ghazalee
  5. Jovani bin Johari
  6. Syahir Adlan bin Saiful Bahari
  7. Ammar Firdaus bin Amin
  8. Cha Leck Yee
  9. Ahmad Shahfarzan bin Aznul Faizal

The last event was Gamified, a typical game of capture the flag designed in Roblox. Each team comprised 10 students racing to get the crown for the longest time period in order to get points. Students from all categories came together to compete against other schools in a one-on-one match, racking up points in an intense fight for victory. The squad selected to represent KYS in this competition comprised:

  1. Nur Ariana Iman binti Mohd Farid
  2. Amar Shah Ghazalee bin Mohd Rahmat Nugerah Ghazalee
  3. Zaim Arif bin Md Hamdi
  4. Omar bin Idi Fazlul
  5. Harith Amsyar bin Anuar
  6. Ammar Firdaus Bin Amin
  7. Shafeeq Zaim bin Samsulnazri
  8. Haderah binti Izddy
  9. Angelina Jane Martinus
  10. Anas Ismail Bin Nizam

In the end, all our efforts paid off. Overall, KYS was in the top 4 in the competition, along with other awards for each category. Congratulations to all teams and winners!


Next gen coder: Bronze Award

Gamified: Gold Tier Champions

Decacorn award (Overall): Top 4 nominated

Best animation: Bronze Award

Best soundtrack: Gold Award

Platinum award: Silver Award

Treasure hunter: Nominated

Supersonic: Gold Award

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