Tips On How To Survive Housetraining

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               For most students, laying down and relaxing on your bed on a Sunday is the most euphoric feeling especially after a long week of school. As you are about to doze off, you receive a notification on your phone from your house Captain with the message “Housetraining at 5pm.” Your day instantly becomes extremely dreadful! Thus, here are a few tips on to help you get through housetraining.

1. It’s all about your mentality

           It is no secret that once you start jogging, your mind starts swirling up inner negative thoughts that will eventually effect your momentum and leave you behind the pack. The key to overcoming this problem is one simple thing ; only you can control your mind and body.

You must establish a mentality in your head where you believe that you can and will conquer the jogging route no matter how many saylems or how far you have to run. This will prove immensely helpful whilst jogging!

2. Find a running buddy

             Let’s get real, who really wants to be jogging all alone. Definitely not me ! That is why it is extremely essential to find a buddy or companion of the same pace as you to accompany you on your run. This is due to the fact that not only will you have a support system to push your limits but someone to take your mind off the pain or fatigue you are feeling. This is unambigously impactful as it will make your run feel like a breeze !

3. Improve your technique

             It is without a doubt that to become better, you need to run regularly. Most of us know that doing speed work, hills and long runs during housetraining or on your own helps improve performance and endurance. Unfortunately, the area many neglect to practise is technique. Look at the training plans of most elite athletes, it is all based on running drills designed to help hone technique and form will feature. If elite runners with great technique are practising this, then surely it stands to reason that amateur runners can benefit too? If you’re after a good reason to practise, consider that running with the correct technique improves efficiency and can significantly reduce injury risk. Once your technique is perfect, it is undoubtedly bound to help you become faster and more consistent whilst jogging.

            So housetraining at 5? Not a problem. Just remember: fix your mentality, get a friend and improve your technique!

Article by: Azmeer Akbar

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