Epilogue of eloquence: “Never been truly prouder to propose…”

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By Alin Qistina

The bell rang as the timer struck 7 minutes.

For any other debater, it just indicates the end of another speech.

But for the debaters from Axcidora, the Axci-debaters, years of rebutting, arguing, strategising all ended with one swift ring of a bell. This very speech marked the end of our debating journey as a team, and our very last time ending a speech by saying “Never been truly prouder to propose..”.

Recently, on the 7th of July 2023, the KYS Debate Union pushed off to Taylor’s University for the annual Malaysian National Schools Debating Championship.

This tournament may seem like another usual tournament for the KYSDU, but for the Form 5’s, this tournament meant much more.

It was our last debate tournament before we take a long break and start focusing on our SPM examinations this year.

Personally, going for my last debate tournament under KYS name made me feel a series of emotions from sadness, excitement, to nostalgia. It felt like it was just yesterday I was in Form 1, being new to debate, with Exiveros (Batch 1519) as our Form 5 seniors.

Since then, the Axci-debaters have gone through all sorts of challenges, ups and downs. We started off our debating journey with our KYS Junior Debating Championship 2019, where we were exposed to the basics of debating.

Then, we went for our first few tournaments which were the Cempaka Interschool Debating Championship, Sunway Interschool Debate Championship and Sports Youth Cup.

The KYS Debating Union at Cempaka International School for CISDC in 2019

Then, in the following year, 2020, we were hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. We only had one tournament, the annual Swinburne Sarawak Interschool Debating Championship as the other tournaments had to be cancelled.

For the rest of the year, we were stuck in our homes, unable to continue our passion in debating as there were no tournaments being held.

That was until 2021, where organisers started to host online tournaments using platforms such as Zoom and Discord. In 2021 and 2022, the Axci-debaters had to adapt to this “new norm”.

We participated in many, many online tournaments from home, and some from school. Throughout these tournaments, the Axci-debaters achieved many great things despite it being held online.

For some, we were able to achieve our first breaks, qualifying up until quarterfinals, semifinals and even final rounds of various tournaments.

Although it was tough, having to deal with internet issues, time zone difficulties and intensely competitive opponents from all across the country and even internationally, I would say that all of us have grown from our junior selves to become the outspoken debaters we are today.

As our journey as a KYS debater comes to an end, I think its safe to say that as the Vice Captain of the Debate Union, I will forever cherish the memories I made along the way. My batchmates and I have had an incredible time being a a part of the lovely family called the debate union.

“I did it for the vibes, but I got a whole family instead”

Edria Dayyinah, Secretary of the Debate Union

To our juniors, I hope we can inspire you guys to continue striving for the best, never give up and keep trying to achieve your goals. Keep participating and learning from the experiences you get along the way, for those are what shapes you to become the individuals you are today.

“When I was at a low point, debating was what brought me up. This is what made me happy. Never would I have ever thought that we would come this far. Looking at our juniors, all we could think of was: we brought them here, just as how our seniors did for us. Never let the passion die.”

Omar, Captain of the Debate Union

Over to you, VCI DU!

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