Merdeka special – protect and build Malaysia so we will always have a home

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This Merdeka month, three KYSERs Azeem Abu Bakar (2007), Marisa Razeek (2003) and Khairina Khairil Anuar (2001) address the KYS audience on the issue of nationalism on Friday the 26th of August 2022.

Azeem pointed out that Malaysia is home where we have our families, friends, food and get to live our way of life. In spite of the various political, economic and social issues we face, Malaysia is still home and we should fight for it so we will always have a home.

He added that it is important to always understand different perspectives when studying a subject, particularly history to get a balanced view and appreciate the complexity of events. Only in this way, can we get closer to the truth.

The speakers also touched on how knowledge is the key to freedom. Freedom of thought gives one the power to choose. A free society can make a country great and remain independent.

Marisa pointed out that while there are inadequacies in our education system, the power is in our hands to look past it and pursue knowledge in our own ways as information is readily accessible anytime anywhere. After all there is no perfect education system.

Khairina, who was also the moderator, concurs with the point, adding that that we should only focus on what we can control and as students, the weakness education system should not deter their pursuit for knowledge in any way.

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