Congratulations KYS Students!!

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The 23rd of October has finally passed and KYS students have successfully sat for all of their final examination papers. With that, we would like to congratulate all students for studying hard and putting 100% effort into their academics! Don’t worry if you aren’t able to ace all papers as there’s still room for improvement. Now that the examinations are over, extracurricular activities have begun again. Activities like the upcoming talent time, the annual CODEX event and more have been planned out and will be executed as best as we can regardless of the limitations set by the COVID-19 situation. We hope that every student can give their upmost support and commitment in making these events a success. Lastly, continue to adhere to the SOPs set to ensure KYS stays as a safe zone for everyone.

P.S. Good luck to all talent time and CODEX participants!

— Your Headboys and Headgirls of the week 🙂

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