To the Form 5s : Love, K and F

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by Muhammad Irfan bin Adlan

Khadra: Assalamualaikum and hi everyone, I’m Khadra.


Faiz: And I’m Faiz. This video is specially made for our batchmates, class of           2020 (2021?), Azforencia.


Khadra: But if you’re not one of our batchmates, feel free to stay and watch.


Faiz: We would like to say congratulations to our batchmates for completing their trials examinations. Although it was a really hard one month of revising past year papers and also trying to write perfect written answers, it was all good at the end.


Khadra: Even though trials is over, we’re still not done yet because it’s only 71 days left for SPM and that’s crazy.


Faiz: Yeah, so by now you guys may or may not have gotten your trials examination results. We hope that you guys don’t feel discouraged from the results that you get.


Khadra: Whatever you’re feeling right now, whether it’s happy or sad with the results you got let’s take the time we have to work on our weaknesses for the real thing coming up soon because our trials results aren’t the most exact determinant of what’s gonna happen in the future.


Faiz: The sooner we study, the better. With a lot going on right now, there’s a lot of uncertainty. We hope that everyone will have high spirits towards SPM itself.


Khadra: Right now, working together is crucial as a batch, so make sure you’re giving each other physical and mental support because that’s really gonna help us towards SPM.


Faiz: We wish everybody goodluck and we would like to take this opportunity to say sorry for any wrongdoings.


Khadra: Azforencia 100% Straight A+, In Sha Allah. Bye !

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