The Engineering Experience: Constructing Battersea Power Station, London with Haziq Ramli

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Meet the Speaker

Haziq Ramli

He is a KYSER from Class of 2006 and is currently a Commercial Manager at Battersea Power Station, London. He completed his Masters of Engineering at Imperial College London and went on to receive a Masters of science from University of Westminster.


  • Battersea Power Station was a Power Station constructed after World War I in London. Currently, it has been repurposed to become an affordable housing area with restaurants and entertainment centres.
  • Haziq is a KYSER from Batch 06. He completed his IB Diploma at Kolej MARA Banting and went on to do a Masters of Engineering at Imperial College London. After working as an intern at Battersea Power Station, he got the job as a project manage there. Now, he is working as a commercial manager and has been working there for 7 years.
  • Haziq shared the projects current development and a few of the challenges he faced such as protecting the peregrine falcon that was on site, coming to agreements with different parties and preserving the view of the power station’s chimneys.
  • Haziq gives his insight on what it’s like to be a project manager. Essentially, trying to find the right balance in the Golden Triangle of Quality, Time and Cost. For example, a good quality project, may require a lot of time and a high cost. But inversely, a cheap and fast project will not have the best quality.
  • Showing that project management encapsulates a long term plan, Haziq shows the audience the RIBA plan of work – a 7 step plan when it comes to project managing. (Strategic Development, Preparation and Briefing, Concept Design, Spatial Coordination, Technical Design, Manufacturing & Construction, Handover and Close Out and In Use)
  • Haziq also addresses the main concerns of young prospective engineers, saying that learning new things on the job is something future engineers have to prepare for.
  • To curb the problem of vacant office buildings in Malaysia, Haziq believes that there needs to be a deeper understanding of what the market truly wants.
  • He advises that it is okay to fail. As long as you do not give up and work hard, you will succeed. This was based on his experience of failing his first year in Imperial College London. He also advises prospective engineers to explore to find out what you like. He himself was set on environmental engineering but discovered that he liked something else

What is Battersea Power Station?

Stay updated with the latest intriguing stories for high achievers by following our Telegram channel here.

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