Melodic chronicles: How these songs changed my life

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By Qisya Hazirah

Personally, I think that music is an integral part of me. It has an uncanny ability to etch itself into the tapestry of my life, providing a spiritual and transcendent experience.

Three songs, each resonating with distinct emotions and profound messages, have played a transformative role in my life, forever altering the course of my life.

Best Song Ever by One Direction

In the tender moments of my childhood, “Best Song Ever” emerged as an anthem that echoed the carefree spirit of youth. Its infectious rhythm and lyrics painted a vivid picture of unforgettable memories.

This song transported me back to a time when laughter was abundant and worries were few.

The nostalgia it evoked fostered a connection to my past, reminding me to cherish every fleeting moment and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Star by Colde

“Star” by Colde wove itself into the fabric of my life with a poignant tale of unrequited affection.

Much like the song’s message of enduring presence, I found myself standing by someone I cared for deeply, even when their reciprocation wavered.

It symbolised a commitment to love that transcends boundaries and remains steadfast, igniting a flame of understanding and empathy within me.

Zero O’ Clock by BTS

Its powerful lyrics resonated with my inner struggles, urging me to hold onto hope in times of despair. The assurance that each day begins anew at “Zero o’clock” fortified my belief in the potential for positive change.

This song became a ritual of rejuvenation, igniting a fire of determination to confront challenges and embrace the prospect of a brighter tomorrow.

Threads of nostalgia, resilience, and hope have been woven in frail tapestry of my life. “Best Song Ever” has preserved the innocence of youth, “Star” has taught me the art of steadfast affection, and “Zero O’Clock” has been a beacon of hope in moments of darkness.

Together, they have transformed my perspective, instilled strength in my heart, and kindled a flame of optimism that continues to guide me through life’s labyrinthine journey.

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