Pre-Merdeka Event

by Muhammad Irfan b. Adlan

To celebrate our nation’s 63rd Independence Day, and in accordance with tradition, the History Club of Kolej Yayasan Saad, organised a “Malam Ambang Kemerdekaan” on the night of 28 August 2020. The main aim of the event was to instill patriotism among the Kolej Yayasan Saad community. It was especially very delightful to see the event exceeding expectations as the night went on. 

The Great Hall started filling up with students, teachers and a couple of parents by 8:00 PM. It was hard to ignore the effort that was put into decorating the Great Hall, from the banner in front of the hall, to the flags of various sizes hung inside and even posters of the main actor for the sketch later that night. What was also striking was the dress code – the Form Four boys with their dashing black and white baju melayu, and the girls looking elegant in their baju kebaya. Male teachers were also seen wearing tengkolok and female teachers in their best outfits. The one that really stood out was Miss Dennisuari’s headwear. It was truly an interesting head-turner.

Twenty minutes after everybody had entered the hall, the event started. First was an amazing Scratch animation by Nik Erina and Sofea Zyra. They told the story of Leftenan Adnan, how much he sacrificed for the country to gain independence. It’s hard to believe that such quality can come out of an elementary programming language. Next was a series of beautiful choir performances by Invicxus. Earlier in the afternoon, they had an interclass choir competition, where they sang patriotic songs like “Ali, Ah Kao dan Muthu”, “Kita Punya Malaysia” and “Gemuruh”. Form 4 Rajin came in first, followed by Amanah and Gigih.

Poem recitations were also included, as earlier this month, a patriotic poetry-writing competition was held. Two out of the many entries received were chosen to be recited by Nadia Delisha and Arianna Saiful. The former performed “Wariah Untuk Sang Perwira” by Ainin Sofiya and the latter, “Revolution” by Puteri Qistina. Our very own Puan Rogayah also shined when she recited “Pahlawan Merdeka”. Right afterwards, a dance performance, showcasing the beauty of Malaysian traditional dances, was skillfully executed by the girls of Invicxus. Armed with striking traditional clothes and props, they managed to awe the audience multiple times throughout their short time on stage.

The main performance was held off to the end. Boys in white marched along the aisle of the Great Hall, followed by boys in black. The narrator narrated the situation, to make sure the audience knew that they are taking us back to the day it all happened. The declaration of independence at Stadium Merdeka by Tunku Abdul Rahman. A few sparks of humour were splashed here and there but the performance ultimately ended with Invicxus boys’ dancing to the classic “Tanggal 31” and “Bunyi Gitar”. You can tell that by the end of the performance, everyone had a very good time.

The night ended with a closing speech by Azzrine, followed by a short prize giving ceremony to Kak Nisa who won an award for “the best attire following the theme for the night”. A photography session ensued, along with a speech by the principal, Mr Tan. The clock ticked 9.50 as students adjourned out of the Great Hall. Deep down, all of us realised how important it is to celebrate Independence Day, and how much history our heroes went through to make sure the date 31st August becomes a special day for 63 years to come. Tunku Abdul Rahman once said that tolerance is our strength as Malaysians, and I cannot agree more. Selamat Hari Merdeka, everyone!

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