2022: Time For An Upgrade

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By Arianna Saiful

Picture in your mind a tiny little seed. Of course, what all plants need the most is sunlight, nutrients and water to survive. Without these components, how could a small seed the size of a nickel grow into a strong sturdy tree or a beautiful bed of flowers?

Let’s be more direct. 2021 has come to an end. Have you provided yourself the necessary components to achieve self-growth?

If not, read this article to find out how you can make 2022 a better year.


In essence, ‘happiness’ is a subjective thing and may look different to various individuals. However, one thing most people can agree on is that happiness is best attained through gratefulness. Make your day brighter by acknowledging the people around you and be thankful of the little things they do to make you happy.

Don’t forget to show your gratefulness to others by giving a sincere compliment, perhaps, or sending a gift to the ones you hold dear to your heart. Achieving happiness in life isn’t just about making yourself happy. Bringing a smile to the faces of the people you love is sure to give you that extra seratonin boost for the day. Be the ray of sunlight that makes another’s day a whole lot brighter!


Nobody can deny that staying fit is a must-have on every person’s personal list of goals. Everyone wants to attain their ideal body- but it doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to do so.

Don’t just jump blindly into an excessively rigorous exercise routine. It’s best to stick to a slow but steady approach when it comes to fitness. You wouldn’t want to give up after just a few weeks because you’re tired, would you? By easing yourself into a healthy fitness mindset through less intense routines, you’re more likely to stick to your goal of staying fit and energised.

Instead of rushing into the trend of doing high-intensity interval training from the get go, start with slow jogs and light workouts first. Give yourself to figure out what type of exercise you enjoy the best. Perhaps swimming or cycling could be a better type of cardio-based activity for you compared to jogging.


Have you ever realised that when most Disney Princesses start singing a song about change, they’re looking at their own reflection in the water? Of course, we’re not asking you to stare into a pool of water so you can magically become a better person, but we would recommend for you to start reflecting on your life to keep make your self-growth a continuous process.

Additionally, each year marks the beginning of something new- so clear the slate with people you’ve fought with and make ammends with people you’ve hurt in the past. By acknowledging your wrongs and making things right, you’re leaving room for yourself to grow without nothing holding you back. To be the best version of yourself, it’s important to champion your strengths but also to work on your weaknesses.

Proactiveness is a characteristic that we have to etch and embed into our soul, mind and heart in order to attain personal growth and character development because who knows? Maybe our determination to grow into a better person might bring us long-term wealth, success and happiness in the future. After all, it just takes one tiny seed, some rays of sunlight that symbolise happiness, some nutrients to keep you healthy and strong, a can of water for reflection and hopefully soon, that seed will be able to grow in the best possible way.

Happy New Year!

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