2024: Taking the year by storm

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By Siti Khadeeja Iman

Dearest readers, did you miss us? 

Miss us or not, we’re back and we definitely do not come back empty handed. This year just kicked off and we already had one jam-packed January. To think that we would have a chill last academic term would be way too much of a stretch.

From a competitive swimming championship to a magical and delicious Hi-Tea, this month was no ordinary month. But before we leap into the new academic year, let’s take a quick step back and do a little recap of January;

Race against the tide – KYS 24th Annual Swimming Championship

We had our annual swimming championship, in which swimmers from each house swam their hearts out in various events in hopes to bring home the cup. The competition was fierce, with each house vying to taste the delectable flavour of victory. Emerging as the champions of this event were the Mighty Blue Dragons of Rahman House, kudos to them!

Rejoice in an Afternoon of Fairytales – Annual House Hi-Tea

It’s been a while since we last had a magical afternoon in a room filled with dashing, debonair gents and darling, dainty ladies. After a long hiatus, the KYS Annual Hi Tea is finally back in full swing with this year’s theme being ‘MET Gala: Fairytale Promenade’. We had an afternoon full of wonder, filled with performances as well as our very own Prom King and Queen, Kamil Luqman and Irdina Aqeelah.

Bringing the sparkle to the UM Kongzi Institute Chinese New Years’ Celebration

Chinese New Year is always a season that brings a sense of prosperity and gratitude. KYS’ dance team, Citra Pawana, had the honour to perform in University Malaya in conjunction with their Kongzi Institute Chinese New Years’ Celebration. With only one week of practice, our girls manage to bring light and joy to the UM stage.

A regal display of classical delights – KYS Orchestra performance at Istana Negara

It’s not every day that you get to perform in a literal palace, but our Orchestra Club managed to delight and indulge the King and Queen themselves with their magnificent pieces. Attended by former prime ministers, cabinet ministers, as well as our very own KYSERs, The Orchestra Club has worked immensely hard and has gifted all the attendees an afternoon of pure delight.

2024 has only begun, yet we already had an array of activities lined up for us. Looking back, 2023 was a year to remember, a year that all the activities resurrected and gave light to a crucial year in high school. As I reminisce into the future, I have no idea what it holds, but I for one, am eager to know what it has in store.

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