Picture Perfect: Life as a student photographer

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By Alya Sophia

Scrolling through social media, it is often that we see our KYS students post about their tremendous achievements and success throughout the academic year.

From athletics and rugby, all the way to singing and dancing, every one of these sweet moments are being captured in pictures.

While all of us are admiring the person in said photos, have you ever wondered what it’s like being in the shoes of the photographer?

Subject of inspiration

Every photographer has their own source of motivation and muse. As a photographer myself, it has always been my father who I looked up to. As a kid, my brothers and I had always been the main subject of my father’s photographs.

Being able to reflect on the abundant albums kept overtime sparked an interest in myself to help do the same for others.

Process to perfection

Although it might just look as simple as pressing a few buttons, it is definitely much more complex than it seems.

The endless running around, trying to find the best angle and the amount of sweat and effort poured into taking the shots, not taking into consideration the hours needed to export and edit the pictures afterwards.

It is a rather lengthy and tedious process, yet we still power through to produce the finest results for our amazing athletes and performers.

Heart and Soul

Putting aside the troubles of a photographer, it is also such a joyous and unique experience which not everyone can relate to. With just the point of a camera, photographers have the ability to make anyone smile in a split second.

The laughter and exhilaration, as well as each special moment and tears can be illustrated through a singular picture.

Another thing I’ve personally gained from taking up photography is learning to feel each success or failure of others and care for them, eliminating any jealousy I might have felt if I weren’t a photographer.

In the short year of being a photographer, I can definitely confirm that it helped me grow into a better version of myself as well as create a positive aura and environment for the people around me.

As the year is slowly approaching to an end, we hope to see a new generation of photographers to keep preserving these miraculous moments.

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