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By Almy Allyssa and Shaznin Hana

Ai carte, ai parte”: knowledge is power and the key to knowledge are books. The Resource Centre is the heart of books in KYS. You can find all types of gems there ranging from books about rocket science to stories about adventures in the wild.

The Resource Centre Committee (RCC) is an established organization filled with students who are acquiescent to their assigned tasks and roles selected through a meticulous process to ensure that they are fit for the role.

This year, the RCC is restructuring the organization system by introducing three new subcommittees: the discipline committee and welfare committee, the affairs committee, and the social committee.

This year’s RCC consists of 38 members and is led by 6 individuals namely Almy Allyssa Bt Zulkarneinhead of the RCC, followed by Shaznin Hana Bt Shaul Hamidassistant head.

We also have Kreesan Bathmanaban and Amirul Arsyad Bin Ahmad Shahnaz who bravely take on their roles as the secretary and assistant secretary respectively.

Last but not least we have our very own treasurers, Heidi Natasya Bt Muhd Zanapiah and Khairil Haziq Bin Kasmadi.

With the help of our very own dedicated staffs, we efficiently classify and organize an extensive collection of books, ensuring easy access for students and teachers alike.

As head and assistant for this year’s session, we will strive to make a difference in a way that everyone will be able to experience the impact of the RCC, be it in the sense of keeping the RCC in top shape or organizing events for all to participate in.

– Almy ( Head of the RCC) and Shaznin (Assistant head of the RCC).

The aspirations of the RCC are driven by a deep commitment to enhance the educational experience for every student and teacher.

We aspire to create a dynamic and inviting space where knowledge thrives within a respectful and conducive atmosphere. We look forward to another year achieving all goals and visions.

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