Aspire to become a doctor? Then this workshop is for you

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How does one apply to enter medical school? Can I be a doctor but still have a work-life balance? What are the grade requirements to qualify for medical school? Are grades even everything?

You must be asking all these questions if you’re considering becoming a doctor. Well, you’re in luck because ‘An Insight into Medicine’ is coming your way this 19th March!

What is AIM?

An Insight into Medicine, or more fondly known as AIM, is an annual programme organised by pre-medical students under the University of Malaya Medical Society. It’s a one-day physical event consisting of workshops, talks and multiple interactive activities aimed towards aspiring doctors who are keen to learn more about what the medical field is all about.

This programme is open to all students currently studying in:

  • Secondary school (Form 1 – 5)
  • Matriculation
  • SPM leavers
  • Foundation
  • A Level
  • STPM
  • Australian matriculation
  • American Degree Transfer Programme

Workshops & tours

We’ll be conducting numerous talks, workshops and tours including:

  • Who’s the Silent Killer (Blood Pressure Taking)
  • Doctor x Detective (History Taking Session)
  • Look, Listen and Feel (Physical Examinations Skills)
  • MMI : The Ethics Behind Medicine (Station Game)
  • Explore FOM! (Faculty of Medicine & Pathology Museum)
  • Why Medicine? (Talk)
  • How to Get Into Medicine (Talk)
  • Life in Medicine (Forum)

“The transparency and reality checks that came from the talks, workshops and hospital visit were an underlying blessing, showing me that regardless of the good and bad, I would still choose this road over all the others. Now, two years into the journey, I still credit AIM as a main factor in my decision to pursue medicine, and though I may have moments of doubt, I ultimately have no regrets.” 

Aleeya Natasya Binti Shahrul Imran 
SMK Aminuddin Baki KL

Registration & event details

Date : 19 March 2023
Time : 7.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Venue : Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
Registration deadline : 10 March 2023
Registration fee :

  • Individual – RM 100
  • Group of 5 bundle – RM 450 (RM 90 per person)
  • Breakfast, lunch, refreshments, goodie bags, exclusive e-notes and e-certificates are included

Register now by clicking on the button below as slots are limited!

How AIM benefits you

  • Get an in-depth look at life in different stages of the medical field, from its challenges to its gratifications
  • Learn about the procedures, criteria and tips on how to enter medical school
  • Obtain a platform to interact with like-minded people and engage in intellectual discourse
  • Build connections with other aspiring doctors, medical students and people in the field
  • Clear any doubts and voice out concerns in a smaller group setting with medical seniors

“I joined AIM back in 2020. I was so happy because they offered hands-on activities and allowed me to interact with the seniors. It played a big role in guiding me to be where I am today in medical school.”

Wan Nurrish Shazana Binti Wan Mohd Hazim

Why it matters

Choosing to kickstart the lifelong journey towards becoming a medical practitioner is a big decision. There are many concerns regarding this noble profession that need to be contemplated, especially in this day and age. We hope to help you along this process to ensure you make the right decision for you.

“I’ve always been interested in doing medicine but had many worries due to external pressure and fear of it being too difficult. When I joined AIM physically in 2020 and online in 2021, I got the chance to learn basic clinical skills and listen to seniors and doctors about their journey. As a second year medical student, I still think about how AIM has helped me in making an informed decision for my future.”

Nur Amirah Binti Khamarul Baharain

Support our cause!

In addition to that, AIM is also a fundraising programme whereby 100% of our earnings will go towards financing Baktisiswa, a community outreach project aimed at providing medical assistance and education to people in rural areas who have limited access to healthcare. 

“Aside from raising funds to help rural communities, we just want to guide and help our juniors as much as possible in making their decision. So, pre-medical students, what are you waiting for? Come join AIM and we promise you won’t be disappointed!” 

Hwong Jin Lok
SMK Saint Columba alumnus

Convinced yet? Register today and follow us on Instagram @baktisiswa_ for more information and updates on AIM. See you there!

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