Azeem and Rafiq Talk About Changing Malaysian Media Landscape

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Free and diverse media are a prerequisite for the sustainability of our country’s democracies and quality of life.

FMT Media’s Managing Director Azeem Abu Bakar and Media Prima’s Group Executive Director Rafiq Razali joined as speakers for Cemerlang’s “Captains of Industry Forum: Growing a Media Empire [G.A.M.E.]” this Sunday.

Featured in FMT

G.A.M.E. featured in FMT

Covering topics from shaping the future of media to blending creativity & intelligence to attracting top talent in the media industry, both of them shared their views on how local media can uplift their standards and take things global.

FMT’s article, “Nurturing promising talent key to media’s growth, say industry leaders”, captured the highlights of the forum including the need to fulfil the demands of an increasingly intelligent society.

Captains of Industry Forum: Growing a Media Empire [G.A.M.E.] Recording

Featured in Bulletin Utama TV3

G.A.M.E. featured in TV3
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