How Music Affects Your Study Mood

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by Lilyana Rizal

Some people need study buddies to focus. Sometimes, that study buddy turns out to be Shawn Mendes or Ariana Grande. Here’s my final verdict on listening to music while   studying :

Music as been a part of people’s lives for centuries. It has also been proven to help influence moods. Different types of music can sway different emotions in people such as upbeat songs for when we’re feeling happy and slow songs for when we’re feeling a little blue. That being said, it is no secret that many people listen to music when they want to focus or generate ideas as well. Music can be beneficial when studying but in order to properly incorporate this tool, we must dive deeper into what kind of music will help us focus better.

There are a few pros and cons to listening to music when we’re studying. The first one being that music can help relax the mind. This will help with memorisation as it will be easier for us to remember the information we’re reading. It would also help when generating ideas or answering mind-challenging exercises.

Other than that, music while studying helps with endurance. Some people are forced to stay up late to complete a task or feel drowsy when studying. Therefore, listening to some upbeat music can help them stay awake and as it does not set an overly peaceful environment for them where it is easy to accidentally doze off.

Despite that, some argue that listening to music while studying can be distracting to students, especially music with lyrics that have meaning. In this case, people have a tendency to focus on the lyrics rather than the content that they were supposed to be studying. In addition to that, loud music such as metal or rock can stimulate a different mood for students. This kind of music which is usually played during episodes of anger or frustration can lead to students feeling agitated rather than relaxed.

Some of my research had also brought me to some shallow parts of the Internet. One of them being a music streaming app that I believe is well-known among the public, Spotify. Why not check out something that lots of people use every day instead of continuously diving deep into the Internet for answers? This app allows us to browse through a few genres to help us find different types of music with ease depending on our moods. One of the genres listed are “Focus”. Among the titled playlists are Read & Unwind, Intense Studying and Deep Focus. These playlists all consists of songs with little to no lyrics that should help relax the mind and increase productivity.

What we can derive from this is that music that is relaxing and without lyrics can contribute to many students’ focus. It will reduce anxiety and help with memorisation. However, music that is loud and distracting can defeat the initial purpose of listening to music while studying. It will take away one’s focus and shift their mood into an undesired one. Despite this, some people may find it different for them. Here’s a tip, find out if music is for you by doing two study sessions in the same amount of time for each with a similarly difficult topic but one with music and the other without. This way, you can find out in which case studying is made easier for you, whether it’s with music or without

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