[PSA] #KitakanSerumpun: A Youth-led Initiative For B40 Families

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A team from Exiveros, Class of 2019, has just launched a charity project under KYSER in collaboration with IQLAS Care, an NGO that helps underprivileged Malaysians throughout the pandemic period.

The programs of this charity project will be ongoing for the next 2-3 months which focuses on 4 main sustainable activities:

Care Package Distributions

Handing out basic necessity packs to B40 families including nutritional foods, basic healthcare equipments and monetary aid.

Creating Job Opportunities

Helping B40 individuals earn a side income through preparing cooked food for their communities (In collaboration with IQLAS Care)

Digital Skills Training

Giving free marketing skills workshops to unemployed individuals (In collaboration with Risebowls)

Mental Health Support

Providing accessible mental health services and support amidst the pandemic (in collaboration with Thrive Well)

In the initial stage, the project will be focusing on beneficiaries and areas within the Klang Valley before expanding to other areas. To highlight, this project is supported by our very own KYSER that works in PBT and the kitajaga.co platform to identify the people in need.

This project aims to raise RM 1 Million amongst KYSERs, corporations and the public.

That being said, we need the support from all of you to contribute and share this message to your vast network of colleagues, friends and families!

They need our help now more than ever. This is our time to lend a helping hand to the people who deserve a chance in breaking out of this pandemic, better and stronger!

#MayMalaysiansAttainGreatHeights #KitakanSerumpun

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