KOLEJ YAYASAN UEM, 14th August: The Kysers currently in Kolej Yayasan UEM had dinner together. The occasion was meant to celebrate the 2nd year for Andreoxus students and the admission of new students from batch Vencera. There were more than 20 of us, counting both seniors and juniors, and we had to take up 2 rows of tables to fit all of us.

The plan was to have everyone wear the Saturday On attire at first, but eventually became any Sarong shirt as some were not able to get the shirt in time. Regardless, it was great fun. We shared jokes about KYS routines like hurrying to prep, dinner announcements and 70% white shoes. All in all, we laughed a lot and had a joyful time remembering the good times.

Occasions like these can truly strengthen bonds between Kysers. Let us hope that our association will continue to grow and become stronger with time!

By Khairul Mikhael

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