Time to Fly Out of the Nest

This short video clip contains snippets of the Exiveros Graduation Dinner 2019.

If there is one thing that teachers feel sad about, it’s the fact that after five years, the kids that they taught, observed, reprimanded, yet loved dearly would finally leave their nest and fly on their own. This was the emotion felt on Exiveros’ Graduation Dinner held at the Swiss-Garden Residences in Malacca on 28 Nov. 2019.

It was a night not merely of glittery attire and dashing looks that portrayed how much they have matured and how much older their teachers are now, but more importantly a night that exudes a sense of nostalgia in the teachers who saw how much these adolescents have grown and what they have gone through over the years in their alma mater. It was a night to show gratitude to those who cared to mould them into who they are from Form 1 when they struggled to fit into a new environment, till Form 5 when they struggled to ace in all subjects to prepare for the SPM; it was a night to celebrate the end of an arduous, yet rewarding and meaningful 17 years of receiving formal education, five of which were in KYS. They are now on their own, embarking on a new journey, navigating on uncharted waters and treading in unknown territories filled with challenges that the school has partially equipped them to face. It is hoped that they would be able to apply the skills and knowledge that they’ve learnt in school to the best of their ability once they’re out there.

The KYS Community would like to express their thanks to Exiveros for all their assistance as Project Managers, facilitators and student helpers in a myriad of events over the years. We wish them well. Remember this Latin phrase: Age quod agis which means “do the best in anything you do” (that’s part of the School Pledge), and make us all proud.

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