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An Everlasting Friendship with Yokohama Science Frontier High School Despite the Distance

he Land of the Rising Sun. Best known for its cutting edge technology and unique culture , Japan never fails to amaze us with its holistic education system, giving emphasis in academic and community building from pre-school level. Therefore, the students of Kolej Yayasan Saad (KYS) are extremely fortunate to have a special and long-lasting friendship with the Yokohama Science Frontier High School (YSFH).

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A Step Towards A Better Future

Leadership is one of the most important factors in developing such young leaders in the future. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) has made an initiative to adapt to this new lifestyle so that their program can open opportunities for leaders from all around the world to participate.

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The Never-Ending Battle: Teenagers VS Sleep

“My sleep schedule is so messed up.”

Our mental strength, emotional wellbeing, and physical health and development heavily depend on the amount of sleep we receive.

If so, why are we constantly finding ourselves awake during nocturnal hours and/ or taking excessive amounts of naps in the daytime?

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