Cemerlang’s Career Launchpad: Law

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What We Cover

  • Why should you take law?
  • What are the pathways and parallel routes we can take in order to do law?
  • What to expect from taking law in university and as a career?
  • What skills should employees harbour before entering companies?
  • How important are professional qualifications in the world of law?

Meet the panel

Zahidah Zulkifly

Zahidah received her Bachelor of Laws from the University of College London. She is also a member of The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, one of the four Inns of Court exclusively entitled to call their members to the English Bar as barristers. She then pursued her Bar Professional Vocational Course (BPTC) from City, University of London. Currently, she is an associate at Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill.

Hizami Iskandar

Hizami received his Bachelor in Arts with Honours in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford. After 10 years of working with Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), he is now the Principal Manager of PNB (UK) Limited.

Highlights :

  1. There is a large scope of careers that you can delve into with a law degree. Go with the flow and don’t stick to one ambition as it may change in the future.
  2. Breaking lawyer stereotypes: Being a lawyer takes high humility and emotional intelligence. It’s a social profession in the sense that as a lawyer, you’ll have to use your EQ to communicate well with your clients to uphold high integrity in this field of work.
  3. The rankings and prestige of universities ultimately do not matter but the substance does. Thus, studying overseas (though it may seem tempting) shouldn’t be an end goal as studying locally is also a viable option.
  4. “Depth is more important than breadth”. Nobody can know everything. People are humans not robots and lawyers are no exception. With this strategy, it will be easier to consume knowledge as you’re learning to take in the little details of what you read.
  5. Research is important. If you’re interested in pursuing law, be sure to understand what you’re getting yourself into as it is a highly competitive field.
  6. “Ikhlas- be sincere and the work will speak for itself.” Work with the genuinity of your heart. The results you produce will speak volumes about your work ethic and the amount of effort you put into making things a reality.
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