Melodic conversations: Speaking straight to the heart

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By Amar Shah Ghazalee

When we talk about music, what comes to your mind? You must be thinking of a beat, a lyric or that one part of a song you really like that you just can’t get out of your head.

However, have you ever imagined living without it? People may say that it’s just a form of leisurely entertainment for ourselves to fill idle time but in reality, they do not realise how vast the impact music has had on our lives.

1. Heritage

Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s Bunyi Gitar from his film, 3 Abdul
Kuda Weyh on Youtube

Music pays homage to cultures, traditions and histories of many countries. It shows how a community develops over time to be where they are today with their own unique styles of storytelling.

Tan Sri P. Ramlee is probably the most prominent figure for Malaysians in the art industry.

Whenever someone mentions the name ‘P. Ramlee’ we are always reminded of the past; the simpler times in Malaysia. To this day, people are still singing his songs and paying tribute to him for being the heart and soul of early theatrical arts.

There are other amazing local artists as well that had left their mark in the face of history, namely Faizal Tahir, Altimet and the Senario casts.

It is truly awe-inspiring how they brought us all together as one through their funny yet heartwrenching lyrical shenanigans.

2. Ambience

Miller’s Planet, a spectacular scene from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar
BlackView HD on Youtube

Imagine watching a movie or playing a video game without any subtle chords or melody playing in your ear.

Something would feel… rather dull or eerie.

The reason for this is that although we may not realise it, the song that we hear or listen to is interpreted and processed into our emotions subconsciously. It’s a beautiful rhythmic process.

Who knew that a series of different pitches of sounds can completely alter the mood of a person?

Creative minds then greatly utilise this mind-boggling fact in films where they create tension and dramatise emotions.

Composers such as Hans Zimmer, Michael Giacchino, and John Williams had already left legacies making countless iconic pieces from award-winning movies such as Interstellar that surely almost everyone has heard.

We also use music in our daily lives by ourselves without even realising it. For example, when you are sad or healing from a breakup, you would play more mellow, depressing, and slow songs like Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ to heal through deep metaphors we can all relate to.

3. Growth

Sympawny no.4 (Chubby Cat), A sleeping cat made from music notations
Noah Oxman (Sympawnies) on Youtube

Scientific research has shown how music can actually improve the way our brain functions. It works because both the right and left side of the brain must cooperate in order to integrate how the sound came to be.

In addition, stress free feel-good compositions such as jazz or lofi will help us clear our minds with its serene aura filling our heads.

This will not only make the environment much more soothing, but it will also sharpen our critical thinking skills and spark creativity at the same time.

It has been proven that listening to music improves our memory as well. Students even use songs and rhymes to remember formulas, equations, or any piece of knowledge that they may want to remember.

These fascinating discoveries have helped many in the current era, including students and scientists.

4. Unity

KYS Orchestra members during the 2022 performance

From the very bold punk rock to the dolce orchestral pieces, there exists many distinctive communities dedicated to uphold each and one of these genres. People could spend hours on end just having a good time playing or listening to their favourite songs.

We ourselves have witnessed this firsthand from our very own KYS Orchestra. Throughout years and months of playing together, the members have given mutual emotional and mental support to cope with whatever that is loading their mental burden.

The unwavering bond they have created through their shared passion is truly astonishing since most of them were strangers before they had started their journey.

Such a wonderful way to connect with each other.

With enough being said, it is clear that music is much more than ‘just a form of art’. It is a catalyst that brings many symphonies of benefits to anyone who listens to it.

Without it, life would be boring, empty, and rather grey. For that reason, we shouldn’t underestimate the power and the influence that music holds to our very hearts.

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