Halfway there: Unraveling the most memorable rewinds

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By Insyirah Qadriah

As the academic calendar reaches its midway point, it is time to pause and reflect on the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken during the first six months of the school year. Each step of the way, we embraced opportunities for growth, not only in our academic pursuits but also in our character and values.

To start the year, the annual Swimming Championship was brought back. Since the last one in 2019, as we enter the endemic phase of Covid-19, this was a highly anticipated event by everyone.

Stroke after stroke, they pushed their limits, striving for personal bests and chasing victory. Medals were won, records were broken, and friendships were forged in the spirit of sportsmanship.

Next off, Speech Day was held with the purpose of honouring the exceptional achievements of students who had demonstrated unwavering dedication to their studies throughout the year.

One by one, deserving students walked up the stage, as they received their well-earned awards and certificates. This has shown the dedication of these bright minds and is a reminder of the boundless potential that lies within each student, waiting to be unlocked in the years to come.

As March approached us, the 2023 academic year commenced. This marked the start of a fresh new batch and students who would be embarking on a unique and memorable journey in KYS.

Following this, everyone eagerly awaited the joyful celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. As the holy month unfolds, Muslim students and staff observe fasting and prayer.

When Eid al-Fitr arrived, the school became a vibrant display of cultural colours, with traditional attire and festive decorations.

With the presence of the new batch, surely, the annual KYS Junior Debating Championship was held.

The debate championship was a captivating event that brought out the best in our student debaters. The participants gained valuable insights and nurtured essential skills such as critical thinking, research, public speaking, and teamwork.

Going into June, the dancers of each house competed in Citrasari, which was a dazzling display of talent, rhythm, and creativity.

Each dance routine was a unique expression of artistry, featuring a diverse array of styles, from contemporary to traditional. It was definitely a night that would be engraved on our minds forever, celebrating the joy of dance and the spirit of creativity that thrives within the school’s talented community.

The latest event that was held was the Athletics Championship, a vibrant and exhilarating event that demonstrated the students’ athletic prowess, pushing their limits to achieve personal bests and contribute to their house’s overall score.

The joyous faces of participants, the sound of laughter, and the lessons of teamwork and perseverance echoed throughout the school grounds, leaving a lasting memory of a day filled with active enthusiasm and camaraderie.

The first six months at school have been a whirlwind of growth and learning. As we approach the second half, we stand prepared to seize opportunities and overcome challenges, knowing that the foundation we’ve laid will guide us on this remarkable educational journey.

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