Stepping Down, Stepping Up

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By Arissa Hani and Ahmad Suffian

The Prefectorial Board Session 21/22 has come to an end. Recently, the new Big 9 and lineup of the Prefectorial Board Session 22/23 were introduced to the whole school. In this article, our previous Head Boy and Head Girl share their own personal stories and experiences throughout their journey as young leaders.

What was the biggest challenge you faced as Head Boy and Head Girl?

            You cannot make a decision that will please everyone in a certain situation. Therefore, always make sure the decision you make is balanced and conscientiously discussed with the Big 9 members while bearing in mind the benefit your solution can bring to the community. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work.

            Communication plays a major role in ensuring that correct information is given to the students. Thus, accurate or precise information regarding a certain event or occurrence clearly is crucial as miscommunication deters the achievement of favourable results.

What was the most memorable experience or value you gained from becoming a member of the Prefectorial Board?

            The most memorable experience throughout our journey would be lending helping hands to our peers, especially during difficult times. This is because the satisfaction of giving help to other people who are in need leaves you with a huge sense of accomplishment.

            Moreover, the moments spent executing tasks in the Prefectorial Board have always been very memorable. For example, we had an exchange programme with Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman. During the visit, we collaborated and exchanged valuable ideas with one another whilst adapting those ideas to improve our Prefectorial Board committee as a whole.

What’s your best advice for the new Head Boy, Head Girl and the prefects as a whole? ” 

            Our advice would be to lead by example. As simple as arranging the chairs in the Great Hall during Monday assemblies. This act may seem simple and small however it reflects you as a competent leader. Leading by example and making sure you actually participate in fieldwork is much more important than being a leader who merely talks and gives orders.

            Not to mention, we hope that the new Head Boy and Head Girl can do their utmost best in the duties accorded to them to ensure smooth and efficient execution of duties whilst tending to the management and students’ welfare.

All the best of luck to the Prefectorial Board 22/23!

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