Overcoming Pandemic Obstacle, TKC’s English Drama Enters Virtual Realm

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The pandemic’s effects have rippled through every aspect of the theatre industry, from Broadway to regional theatres to high school programmes. But if history tells us anything, it is that resilience and creativity always prevail. As activities like dramas in schools have been languishing, Kolej Tunku Kurshiah (TKC) are pushing boundaries by exploring the digital potential to showcase the talents of TKC students.

To realize their mission, the English Language Panel of TKC hosted an Inter-batch Virtual English Drama Competition recently on YouTube live. The event featured dramas from all 5 batches which were produced without face-to-face interaction using Zoom application.

Despite the contrast in style and tone, these productions – Once Upon A Pandemic, Coraline, The Picture of Dorothy Gray, The Grandpa’s Diary and In The Name of Love – were united by a common desire among the students to go beyond their limits and cultivate the ability of blending technology into drama.

Although the process of it all looks different, no pandemic can squelch that exhilarating sense of the unknown. Having said that, the successful event had elicited the most consistent excitement from the students and the public.

Wow good job girls! I am impressed by how the plays are put together and how their strong messages came across! It was also easier to hear the conversations- something that we have had problems with due to the large hall size. Kudos to all of you! It is a competition so there will be winners but there definitely are no losers! Even the Freshies’ play brought tears to my eyes! Keep up the good job girls and all the teachers and Bonda. So proud of you!

Kak Hani, TKC SPM ’81

Watch the competition

Let’s take it to a vote!

Previously, we asked you to vote for Best Script and Best Overall Performance. Cue the drumroll because the results are in! The winners are:

Best Script: In The Name of Love

Best Overall Performance: In The Name of Love

Congratulations to the winners and all participants who did an incredible job in making the Virtual English Drama Competition unique yet successful one!

Disclaimer: Unofficial results based on poll conducted on Cemerlang.

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