Young Achiever’s Award 2020: Our Journey

By Adriana Ozlan


This was the slogan for the project we completed for the annual Young Achievers Award 2020 held by The Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM). The objective of this years’ project was to promote the surveying industry to the younger generation by giving them an understanding of a surveyor’s role whilst they designed a smart green home.


  1. Nik Nai’my Thurayya Binti Nik Azril
  2. Nur Auni Nahwah Binti Saiful Wazlan
  3. Nur Adriana Zulaikha Binti Ozlan Izma

At the onset of the project, we were under the impression that we merely had to compose an essay on sustainable living.

However, we soon realised that the write-up for the project was a technical report which included the application of work done by The Four Surveying Professions namely: Building Surveying, Geomatics and Land Surveying, Property Surveying and Quantity Surveying.

Even though we felt taken aback since none of us had any knowledge of these fields, we took the challenge, knowing that we will learn new concepts and ideas, and apply theory to practice.

Writing a 2500-word-limit report in two weeks on something we had completely no background knowledge of, was the ultimate task.

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Here is the video of “The Butterfly Residence” Project prepared by the team

After grueling hours of endless research and consultation with our advisor, Madam Shazra, we finally found a starting point. Thus, “The Butterfly Residence” was born. 

The name, “The Butterfly Residence” comes from the most prominent feature of the house, a butterfly-wing shaped solar roof.

It also represents the chaos theory, known as the “Butterfly Effect”, which is an idea where small causes might bring in larger effects.

In a world where green technology, sustainable development and self-sufficiency are at a higher regard, the seemingly ‘insignificant’ but necessary amendments are the key aspects that we looked into making our house a Smart Green Home.

Hence, the design leaves a positive environmental foot print and a much desired home in the future.

The Venue of the Awards Ceremony

Besides the report, we had to produce a video about our Smart Green Home to be posted on RISM’s Instagram page. The video with the most likes and shares wins the ”Most Popular Award”. The competition was to proceed to its second stage in late April where the teams had to build their Smart Green Home. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was deferred, and a change of plans was required.

Thereby, RISM announced the winners online instead. It is worth noting that this competition has been a regular event for the past 20 years and this year marked KYS‘ inaugural participation in the competition.

When the results were announced, we felt humbled as our efforts were paid off and we were declared the Champions of the Competition besides winning the “Most Popular Award” for our video which received an outstanding 5,114 views and 1,383 likes.   

The view from the pinnacle of KL Tower

We received an invitation for the prize-giving ceremony a few days later, Overjoyed, we made our way to “Atmosphere 360” at KL Tower, in the city centre, where the event was held. There, we were greeted by familiar warm faces – our principal, Mr Tan Cheh Li and our advisor, Madam Shazra Abdul Wahid; who came all the way from Melaka, just to celebrate our win.

The venue was perfect and the view was undoubtedly breathtaking! To say that it was a wonderful experience would be an understatement. No words could ever describe the feeling of being presented two awards whilst being elevated 276 metres above the ground.

As we ate, the restaurant subtly rotated on its axis, allowing us to have a 360° view of the KL city skyline. Halfway into our meal, we were requested for an interview by a journalist from TV3. We were delighted to give the viewers a taste of our experience participating in the competition.

The Most Popular Award presented by Datuk Sr Mohd. Nasir Saari (middle), RISM Councillor, flanked by the winners and Madam Shazra. Recipients received a cash prize of RM 1000.
Being Interviewed by a TV3 journalist in front of a camera
The report by TV3

With the challenge trophy, cheques and certificates in hand, we left for home, adorning big smiles. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Being part of this event definitely opened our eyes towards making surveying as a career option. We urge other students to take part in competitions like these as it allows them to exude maturity and gain invaluable experience.

A group photo with the winners and organizers
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