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Hello! Apa khabar cikgu-cikgu semua?

On behalf of KYSER, I would like to wish all KYS teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day!

We are currently in a semi lock down period. Many of us have to work from home. Students have to learn from home. 

The duties to teach have now fallen on the shoulders of parents. For KYSERs who are parents, now you know how hard it is to teach a child. 

There is a lot of hard work that needs to be put in, especially when we have to re-learn the subjects to teach our children. 

Imagine, teachers have to deal with hundreds of them every single day. So, appreciate the teachers, for what they do is indeed challenging yet very noble. 

I remember back in those days in KYS. KYS teachers do not just teach. They build character. They taught us to collaborate, to make productive decisions, solve problems, show compassion, aim high and dare to fail.

These values are important in shaping individuals that live to make an impact on others. The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future. 

No matter who we become, teachers are individuals who we will always look up to. 

Happy Teachers’ Day, from all KYSERs. 

Azeem Abu Bakar 

KYSER President

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