The Book Guardians and Their Quest For Unity

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By Nik Nai'my Thurayya

By now, I’m sure all of us have grown accustomed to group projects in school where we carry out the usual tasks like splitting up the work we need to do.  However, we underestimate the importance of teamwork. The Resource Centre Committee organized a team-building programme led by Wan Ika Akisya, the head of the Resource Centre Committee  and invited Encik Azmi as the speaker for the programme on the 11th of October. The purpose of the programme was to teach the members ways to demonstrate teamwork and its importance.

Encik Azmi kickstarted the programme by sharing his very own experiences on how the esteemed Resource Centre Committee had been beforehand. This lovely introduction had definitely set the mood and laid out the foundation for us to share and ask questions comfortably throughout the rest of the programme.

In accordance to this, Encik Azmi explained what the acronym ‘TEAM’ — which stands for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ — truly means. He stated that we could achieve and complete so much more when we fully utilise the synergy that comes with working as a team. Teamwork essentially helps us to learn from our past mistakes and become better versions of ourselves. Besides, working together facilitates idea generation and creativity as many distinct ideas are coming from many different minds.

The discussion then shifted on to the topic of what makes a good team. Mr Azmi coherently described a good team as a team where members can excel and contribute as one. He mentioned four crucial aspects needed for team members to feel accepted; Appreciation and Recognition, Sense of Belonging, Responsibility and Incentives and Awards. These aspects fundamentally allow members to feel included as everyone has a sense of worth and belonging in the team.

As the programme reached its close, we engaged in a discussion on how we could encourage students to have a greater comprehension on what it takes to be a RCC. All in all, it was a fruitful programme that allowed us to strengthen the bond between us members.

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