2125 ARP: An Adventure of a Lifetime

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By Qaim Aqeel and Kyra Fadrinuraqmar

On the 4th of June, the students of Batch 2125 departed from KYS to Hulu Langat where they were staying for their Anugerah Remaja Perdana (ARP) Program. The students arrived at 2 p.m. and had taken off-road vehicles to arrive at the final destination of the resort located near a jungle.

On their arrival, students were greeted by one of the facilitators, Encik Hafiz who briefed them about the activities that they would be doing throughout the 3-day stay at Dusun Akin Resort. After that, students were assisted to their dormitories and unpacked.

Later, they had their evening tea then had a game. In this game, each side had to toss a water balloon to the opposite side who had to catch it using a ‘kain pelikat’. The purpose of this was to promote teamwork and build support within the students of Batch 2125.

At around 10 p.m., the students had a night-walk where they went through parts of the forest without any light source. It was quite a challenge for them as it was dark in the middle of the night, however, with their determination to finish the night walk and get back to the resort safely.

The next morning, the students started their day early with aerobic exercises led by the facilitators, followed by a hearty breakfast. They then began several survival activities of the day such as starting a fire and cooking with limited supplies.

After the survival activity, heavy rain came down and everyone was pouring wet. They all went into the hall and waited there until the rain stopped. This was a time of rest as they need to re-energize to do more activities for the day. When the rain stopped, everyone was excited to do the next 3 activities which were archery, rafting and practicing for the Malam Kebudayaan.

All groups were split into 3 to take turns on which activity they were going to do: Group 1, 2 and 3 took part in the archery, Group 4, 5 and 6 practiced for the Malam Kebudayaan while the remaining groups went rafting. They all took turns until they had done all the activities. The best part was everyone got to bond with their groups and people from outside of their group.

The night of the 2nd day was long awaited for: Malam Kebudayaan! There were many preparations held for the night including outfit planning, accessorizing and practice sessions. Every performance, from start to finish were absolutely show-stopping. Though every group gave it their all, Group 6 won the title of Best Performance.

After a good night’s rest, everyone started packing their bags as this would be their last day. At the field, Tuan Hafiz announced a treasure hunt with a twist. The facilitators would give a picture of something that was around the resort. The group must take a selfie of this ‘something’ to proceed. Afterwards, it was time for the ending ceremony.

The ending ceremony commenced when Mr. Azmi, Tuan Hafiz and the owner of the resort gave their speeches to express their gratitude to the students for joining and cooperating in the activities throughout the 3 days. After that, the award for best group in this exploration program was given to Group 2. After the ceremony ended, it is already time to go back home.

Everyone had their moments. We all bonded together as a batch and had the time of their lives. Before we went back home to spend the remaining holiday, we took pictures amongst ourselves and went back with a smile on our faces.

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