The Battle of the Best: Head Girl 2020 Edition

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  Featured by: Mahisha Munisuaran  

        This is the time where woman’s powers are further validated, a power strong enough to take on a journey full of unexpected obstacles and drawbacks.This is the era full of countless hope and faith for Kolej Yayasan Saad. It’s now or never as we push through the year of mind-boggling challenges with eye-opening ideas from the famous 7! This group of people or many would refer to as the game changers of the prestigious Kolej Yayasan Saad voyaged 2019 with their pre-eminent yet outstanding leadership skills that have made them known by each and everyone in the school. It’s not a surprising matter by many to see them speaking and throwing out magnificent motives and ideas amongst all KYS students because these girls have it all and they are certain on what’s best, not only for the school but also the KYS community as a whole.

      From forums in front of a crowd up till a one-to-one interview with the management team of Kolej Yayasan Saad, these girls who hold a strong passion to lead and bring a change to the school have never ceased when they are put to the test. So, now that we have heard about the amazing yet astonishing famous 7 along with their fruitful ideas and motives, the question is, who is up for the challenge? Will it be the one who always has innumerable thoughts about the betterment of the school or will it be the one who is never afraid to voice out her opinion if a downfall persists. Sit back, snack and do watch and listen to what these headgirl applicants have in mind for a blissful year ahead for Kolej Yayasan Saad.

Miza Alisya Binti Mohd Zameer, 4 Amanah

 Making Dorm Leaders a Bigger Part of the School

” I have proposed to make nametags and give awards to the best dorm leaders at the end of the year to encourage students to keep their dorm clean.With all these perks of being a dorm leader, they will have the responsibility of also going out or asking the warden to buy necessitis that their dormmates may need at the end of every week. Hopefully, this will affect the cleanliness of students’ dorms for the better and give dorm leaders a bigger, recognised role in the school.


Nur Hanani bt. Syamsul Firdaus, 4 Amanah

Update and digitalise the Manual of Conduct (MOC)

“Students are able to understand the contextual explanations for each rule in the Manual of Conduct as well as access it through a reactive application”

Introduction of printers in each residential building

“Students can access printing services easily in the dormitories when the Resource Centre is closed, therefore resulting in efficiency in their school work.”


Dhafina Azra binti Aznan Ezraie, 4 Taat

Implementing stationery vending machines

“There would be easy access for students in need of stationery supplies right at the moment. Teacher’s would also save time as they do not need to open the co-op to sell the utilities”

Implement seventy percent black shoes

“The shoes would be free of dirt and dust after use at the field and it also saves time when cleaning the shoe. Not only that, it also protects the uniformity image of the school”

Trisha Sofeia Bt. Mohd Tahir, 4 Jujur

Raising your heart rate and breaking sweat the fun way

“An alternative fitness activities during sports hours that do not require any specific skills or equipment for example body combat, zumba, aqua zumba, yoga and etc. In this way, students are more motivated and feel less insecure as outside trainers would train without pressure of an official sports team whilst having trainings a mere 2 metres from the dorms”

Khadra Bt. Mohd Azrul, 4 Jujur

Holding a co-curricular day for students

“Promoting activities held in each and every club and society to the students so that they are aware and certain on what’s best and suitable for them. Students can also benefit a lot from the activities that are offered in their preferred club thus bringing about new and special talents that students aren’t aware of all this while”

Hana Adleena Bt. Abdul Hakim, 4 Jujur

Upholding a soup kitchen

“On weekends, students supervised by teachers will go out of school to distribute the leftover food that is still fresh to the people in need.In this way, there would a lesser probability on wastage of food every week”

Karlyssa Lana bt Faizal, 4 Taat

Monthly Activity Amongst KYS Community and Allocated Time for Informal Sessions with Non-Academic Staff

“This is to encourage the community to engage more often, understand each other better and for students to continue appreciating teachers and staff even after pursuing studies. Not only that, by running this activity, this provides a more experienced boarding school life as we grow with the same familiar faces throughout 5 years and love them as our own family”

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